Platform Update

Intility implements Splunk

Starting January 20 2015, all companies on the Intility Platform will receive Splunk as an integrated part of their IT environment. Splunk is an advanced monitoring and analytics solution which is implemented as a part of the continuous development of Intility.

The monitoring and analytics tool is integrated with the entire Intility Platform and is monitoring more than 3000 servers. Splunk collects, stores and indexes enormous amounts of data for search and analytics of information in real time. This means that for the first time one can use the extensive amount of logs generated by  IT systems to large-scale surveillance, and simultaneously extract valuable information using Big Data functionality. 

Intility for instance uses Splunk to detect potential operating issues faster than before, and in many cases challenges are revealed before they create problems for the customer. By for example analyzing an Exchange server over time, capacity problems could be eliminated by expanding or upgrading the server before it causes operational problems. This kind of monitoring and analytics provides unique insights into what goes on at the platform, and contributes to the development of new procedures for analyzing and correcting operational problems. 

By integrating Splunk on Intility, all customers get access to new and upgraded functionality as an included part of the solution.

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