The Solution

A platform service that reduces complexity and acts as a catalyst for digitalization

Intility is developed for businesses that want to leverage IT to progress.

Operational service

An end-to-end operational service

Intility includes end-to-end operational responsibility for everything from local infrastructure, users, and devices to security and operation of business-critical applications and cloud services. Insight and control over platform components are essential for both managing performance and security, and to ensure continuous development.

Intility frees up time for companies to spend their resources on digitalizing their core business.


A complete service for operation and security of PC, Mac, and mobile devices. The service includes continuous updates, proactive error correction, and full lifecycle management of all devices.


A platform service designed to provide each employee with a secure and productive IT everyday life. A comprehensive 24/7 support system provides assistance to users, no matter where or when they need it.

Edge Infrastructure

An operational responsibility for everything from office infrastructure to edge computing and local production systems (OT) with particularly high demands for security and availability.


A fully managed and software-defined network platform that stretches from local networks at customer locations to central core networks and further out to integrated cloud platforms.


Identity and access management are handled on an enterprise-grade identity platform that provides automated multi-cloud user provisioning and seamless access to both internal and external systems and services.


All companies on Intility are protected by a readymade security platform and a 24/7 security operation center. The platform is continuously updated and provides protection in an ever-changing threat landscape.


A sovereign cloud platform for server and container-based workloads. Incloud is developed with a focus on management, security, integration, and predictable costs.

Managed Azure

A standardized operational service for workloads in Microsoft Azure. The service is delivered on a pre-configured operational platform that takes care of security, compliance, and end-to-end operation of multi-cloud IT environments.

The Platform

A complete IT platform, delivered as a service.

Intility is built on a pre-configured multi-cloud IT infrastructure and operational platform that is continuously updated and developed for all companies on the platform.

Intility is tightly integrated with public cloud platforms and serves as an integration hub and primary platform for increasingly distributed IT environments.


Intility Platform Manager

All companies on Intility have access to a constantly growing portfolio of software that provides insight and documentation about their own IT environment, from local infrastructure to business-critical applications and cloud services. The software is developed under the name Platform Manager and is fully integrated and populated with data for each company’s IT environment from day one.

Platform Manager also includes automated workflows that simplify and enhance the security of managing their own IT environment.

Application Manager
Security Center
Identity Manager
Workplace Center
Sustainability Manager
Financials Manager
Monitoring Insight
Network Manager
Inventory Manager

Support 24/7/365

Intility includes 24/7 support and serves as a single point of contact for all customer employees. Technicians with expertise in each company’s IT environment are supported by advanced support and monitoring tools, ensuring effective assistance to users, regardless of where and when they need it. The customer’s IT departments are supported through direct contact with specialized departments in Intility, both in daily operations and management of their IT environment.

Single Point of Contact

24/7 monitoring and incident handling

An industrialized approach to platform and application monitoring ensures end-to-end visibility throughout the value chain. Intility’s monitoring platform is continuously updated with new functionality that helps identify and handle more incidents before they affect end-users or service quality.

Intility serves as a single point of contact for all types of incidents and performs incident resolution in collaboration with system owners and service providers as an included part of the service.


Security and compliance

A dynamic threat landscape requires a security architecture that is continuously updated and developed. Therefore, all companies on Intility are protected by a readymade security platform delivered as a service.

Intility’s Security Operation Center (SOC) is an integrated part of security operations and continuously conducts threat intelligence, detection, and incident handling 24/7 in close collaboration with leading security actors.

The security platform is supported by an information security and compliance service that simplifies the work of compliance with internal and external audits by issuing regular audit reports to all companies on Intility.

Security Operations Center

Intility’s Security Operation Center conducts threat intelligence, detection, and incident handling 24/7/365.

Audit Reports

Audit reports for information security are issued annually, simplifying the work of compliance with internal and external audits in their own organization.

System operation

Application Operations and DevOps

Applications on Intility are managed by a set of readymade services and technologies that together constitute a comprehensive “system crib” for the applications.

These services include detailed 24/7 monitoring of applications, databases, and web services, integrated solutions for identity, privileged access management, self-service, high availability, code control, and CI/CD.

Intility ensures high quality in the work of implementing, integrating, documenting, and continuously developing customer applications on Intility regardless of development methodology and platform.


End-to-end network responsibility

Networks, delivered as a service from Intility, take care of a comprehensive responsibility for the establishment, operation, monitoring, and lifecycle management of each company’s cloud-based network platform, integrations with external cloud services, as well as communication lines, mobile data communication, and local networks.

Intility’s industrialized network platform is fully virtualized and software-defined. Automation, micro-segmentation, and 24/7 monitoring and handling of all types of network incidents ensure stability, scalability, and security throughout the network delivery.