Platform Update

The Intility platform is now updated with new Firewall & Threat Prevention

Starting August 8 2015, all companies on the Intility platform will receive Next Generation Firewall as an integrated part of their IT environment. The new functionality is based on Palo Alto Firewall and made available as part of the ongoing development of Intility.

The Intility Next-Gen Firewall Service includes monitoring network traffic at the application layer (Application Awareness and Deep Packet Inspection) in addition to filtering at port and protocol level. The service consists of both inner and outer security barriers. The inner security barrier contains features for network control that regulate the flow of information between the external network and the customer’s secure zones. The outer security barrier prevents the customer from attacks or risk from the Internet. Intility Next-Gen Firewall also integrates with Intility Active Directory, which means the rule set can be differentiated and adapted even down at a group or user level.

Intility Next-Gen Firewall includes the following security features:

  • Virus/malware scan of network traffic
  • SSL and SSH interception
  • Website filtering
  • QoS/bandwidth management

By updating the Intility platform with Next Generation Firewall functionality, all customers are given access to new and upgraded features as an integrated part of the Service.

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