Platform Update

Intility is updated with GitHub Enterprise

Intility is updated with GitHub Enterprise, a fully managed service for all companies on Intility.

More and more companies are working on system development as an integral part of their core business, where secure and seamless access to developer services becomes an increasingly important prerequisite for effective development projects. GitHub Enterprise is part of Intility’s Developer Cloud, a tailor-made developer platform for companies focused on digitization for increased productivity and competitiveness.

Source code becomes an increasingly important part of corporate intellectual capital. GitHub Enterprise on Intility is protected by an extensive security platform that is continually updated and developed across all companies on Intility. In addition, the solution provides a unified platform for secure access control, one identity across all developer services and one point of contact for technical assistance and handling of error situations.

Intility is one of the few companies in Europe that has entered into a separate partner agreement for the delivery of GitHub Enterprise as a service.

Read more about GitHub Enterprise here.

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