Platform Update

Intility is updated with Akamai CDN

The Intility platform is updated with Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Akamai, the world’s largest and most trusted delivery platform for media content. The update provides all companies on Intility with faster and more secure access to content from the biggest news and entertainment actors globally.

Akamai caches live and on-demand content from, among others, NRK, TV2, and BBC on the Intility platform in real time. That way, companies on the platform can stream content directly from Intility.

During sports events or other major happenings, many people will consume the same content at the same time. By retrieving cached content directly from the Akamai CDN node on Intility, this content will stream without limitations on capacity, user experience, or quality.

Akamai’s CDN platform is based on more than 240,000 servers distributed in over 130 countries.

Read more about Akamai and CDN here.

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