Intility becomes member of the UN Global Compact

Intility becomes a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate initiative for sustainability. The UN Global Compact is the UN’s organization for sustainable business, and consists of more than 12,000 companies and organizations across 160 countries.

The UN Global Compact is based on ten principles in the areas of human rights, working life, anti-corruption and the environment. Together with the UN’s sustainability goals, the principles shall be a guideline for the member companies’ work with sustainability. The UN Global Compact has two main objectives. It is to make the principles part of the business activities of companies all over the world, as well as to promote activities and partnerships that contribute to fulfilling the UN’s goal of sustainable development.

Technology development is a crucial factor in creating a more sustainable society. All of the UN’s sustainability goals can be linked to successful digitization, both at the macro and micro level.

Intility shall contribute to sustainable development. We are driven by building a platform that acts as a catalyst for companies’ digitization of their own core business. This is our most important contribution to the sustainability goals, in close collaboration with our partner ecosystem, and through the impact we have on companies that utilizes the platform, says Andreas Hisdal, CEO of Intility.

At Intility, we see the work with sustainability as a continuous process where we always will strive to get better. Intility will follow the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles for responsible business and report annually on the UN’s sustainability goals – both on what is done internally and towards our customers.

The membership in the UN Global Compact will strengthen Intility’s work with sustainability, and ensure more transparency regarding the work that is done and will be prioritized in the company in the future.

We warmly welcome Intility as members. It is good that they adhere to the ten principles for responsible business, and want to increase their sustainability commitment and work within the company, says Kim N. Gabrielli, CEO of UN Global Compact Norway.

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