Elvia chooses Intility

Elvia, Norway’s largest network company after the merger between Hafslund Nett and Eidsiva Nett, chooses Intility’s fully managed platform service for its entire IT environment.

The agreement has a duration of five years, with three additional option years. The choice of Intility puts an end to a public procurement process that has been ongoing throughout 2020.

Elvia was established on 1 January 2020. The company is owned by Eidsiva Energi and as of 2020, has approx. 820 employees with headquarters in Hamar. Elvia supplies electricity to 2 million Norwegians in 900,000 households in Norway. The merged company has a power grid that covers an area of ??over 50,000 km2, slightly larger than Denmark’s land area.

The choice of Intility is part of Elvia’s strategy of establishing a common IT platform for the company. The agreement represents an important part of Elvia’s work with digitization of its own core business.

The green shift and electrification sets new and high demands on the energy system and the actors. To meet this future, in addition to increased efficiency, it is crucial for Elvia to renew itself. At Elvia, we are absolutely certain that digital industrialization is the key. To succeed in this, good partners are absolutely crucial. As a company, we have been looking for an IT partner who has an industrial, standardized and modern approach to the core services, and who at the same time has a high level of competence, flexibility and implementation power in the areas that are new and business-critical to us. A good example of the latter is the cloud technology we want to use as a basis for further development. We experience Intility as a breath of fresh air in this part of the IT industry, and are absolutely certain that we have found the right partner. We look forward to the journey and the collaboration, says Jon Andreas Pretorius, IT director at Elvia.

Intility is a complete platform service for multicloud IT environments. The service is utilized by more than 600 companies across 2000 locations in Norway and around the world.

Intility acts as a digital foundation and catalyst for companies that want to leverage technology to increase their own productivity and competitiveness.

We work every day to develop and improve Intility and help ensure that all companies on the platform have the best conditions for realizing their digital ambitions. The fact that Norway’s largest network provider, with a strong in-house technology environment, chooses Intility, is a great vote of confidence for all of us, says Andreas Hisdal, general manager of Intility.

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