Platform Update

Intility is updated with Elasticsearch

Intility is updated with Elasticsearch, a fully managed service for all companies on Intility.

Hardware, software and appliance all generate an increasing amount of logs and metrics every single day. The logs contain valuable information about what, why and when things happen or have happened. An important part of digitizing one’s core business is stable and secure tools; to rapidly aggregate, analyze, visualize and respond to the enormous amount of data logging generates.

Elasticsearch solves all log and metrics-related needs and is now available through Intility’s Developer Cloud – a tailor-made developer platform for companies focusing on digitization for increased productivity and competitiveness.

Elasticsearch from Intility is distributed with all licensed features from Elastic including machine learning, alerting, reporting, graph and is deployed and managed via Elastic Cloud Enterprise. The service is protected by a comprehensive security platform that is continuously updated and developed. In addition, the solution provides a unified platform for secure access management, one identity across all developer services, and one point of contact for technical assistance and error management. Intility is the only partner in Norway to deliver Elasticsearch as a fully managed service (MSP).

Read more about Elastic here.

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