Platform Update

Intility is updated with High Performance VDI

The Intility platform is updated with High Performance VDI, virtual workstations with the power of a data center.

The VDI platform provides architects, engineers, mathematicians and data scientists with unlimited access to computing power for workloads ranging from 3D modeling, rendering and digital animation to heavy computing operations associated with data analysis and data mining.

Intility High Performance VDI is an alternative to traditional local workstations where lack of scalability and mobility is an ever increasing challenge for many companies and their professionals.

With high performance VDI, users can access the service from anywhere in the world, even with the use of 4G. The service is can be freely scaled up and down and terminated as required.

Intility High Performance VDI uses NVIDIA Tesla® graphics card and high performance Compute & Storage. The platform can also be utilized for exploring the power of GPU Computing against AI, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics through the NVIDIA CUDA framework or OpenCL.

The solution fully managed and supported by Intility 24/7/365. The VDI platform is also protected by Intility’s complete security platform.

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