Platform Update

The Intility platform is updated with BankID as a service

Intility has in cooperation with BankID implemented BankID as a service on the Intility platform, integrated with all IT environments on Intility.

An increasing number of companies are developing customer and end-user-oriented Web services. This requires secure and efficient methods for login, digital signing of agreements and access control to services and content. BankID is a secure, personal identification developed in cooperation between Norwegian banks and also issued by banks. More than 3.5 million Norwegians are identified using BankID and is thus ready for signing and authentication of any associated service. BankID is used extensively by banks but also by other government agencies, insurance companies, associations and organisations etc., in order to ensure increased personal security, better user experience and thus higher adoption of services on the Internet.

Traditionally, the use of BankID in own operations has only been reserved for the biggest companies in Norway. The cooperation between BankID and Intility allows developers and system owners to establish BankID in their own digital services, without having to deal with extensive installation projects and technical complexity. The service includes specialists for layouts, continuous version upgrades, management of BankID Usage Agreement and unlimited support. BankID as a service comes complete with BrukerstedsBankID certificate for customer service and an API that gives developers easy and immediate access to the service. The solution is also integrated with each company’s Active Directory on Intility, and enables efficient access and rights management in the provision of digital services to customers and end users.

The cooperation between BankID and Intility provides:   

  • API-based access to BankID as a service
  • Pre-integration with the company’s Active Directory and IT environment
  • Specialists to set up the service
  • Single point of contact and unlimited support
  • Guaranteed rate of development
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