Platform Update

We are launching Intility GPT

Intility launches secure and user-friendly GPT service, fully integrated with the IT environments of all companies on Intility.

Intility GPT utilizes language models developed by OpenAI and operates within the customer’s own Azure tenant. The service provides all employees in the company with safe and user-friendly access to GPT chat, where all data is protected from being used to further develop language models.

What is Intility GPT?

Similar to Chat GPT, Intility GPT is an AI chat service that allows you to have a conversation with a large language model. Intility GPT and Chat GPT share the use of the same language models for text generation, but Intility GPT includes a user-friendly interface and functionality that helps users more effectively harness the power of the large language models.

Intility GPT does not exploit the content of messages to train language models. Therefore, you can use the service without worrying that data will be used for other purposes. In addition, all data associated with the service is stored on Norwegian or Swedish data centers.

Intility GPT is a service that will continuously be developed with new functionality.

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