Platform Update

Intility is updated with next-generation information protection based on Azure Information Protection

In collaboration with Microsoft, Intility has established Azure Information Protection (AIP) as a ready-made security and compliance service for all companies on Intility. The update provides companies on Intility with click-based access to AIP, closely integrated with their own IT environment.

AIP is the next-generation information protection where documents and emails are classified, encrypted and protected based on the degree of sensitivity. The classification follows the data and ensures protection regardless of where it is stored or who it is shared with. The classification is either fully automated, user-controlled or on the basis of recommendations based on the content. AIP is seamlessly integrated across all products in the Microsoft Office Suite, such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Documents and emails protected with AIP prevents sensitive information leakage by verifying usage rights upon opening, forwarding or sharing across all possible cloud services and across PC, Mac and mobile devices. Usage rights may be limited or restricted within other criteria such as network, domain or down to the individual level.

Increased digitization of core business in combination with changes in legislation on the processing and storage of personal data (GDPR) forces companies to increase their focus on information security and compliance. Azure Information Protection is the latest addition of services within security and compliance, and is available for all companies on Intility. 

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