Ræder Bing chooses Intility

The law firm Ræder Bing has chosen Intility’s end-to-end platform service for its entire IT environment.

Ræder Bing is a leading law firm with extensive expertise in business law. The firm is the result of the merger between Ræder AS and Bing Hodneland Advokatselskap. Both companies have a rich history that extends far back in time and are well-respected both nationally and internationally within the same industries.

Ræder Bing covers the entire field of business law and has strong departments in areas such as real estate, IT/tech, and entertainment, as well as specialized knowledge in trade, insurance, transportation, and finance. Ræder Bing has approximately 110 employees at their office in Bjørvika.

Intility is a platform service used by more than 600 companies across 2,500 locations in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. Intility consists of an industrialized IT infrastructure and a multi-cloud operating platform delivered as a service.

Intility serves as a digital foundation and catalyst for companies looking to leverage technology to enhance their own productivity and competitiveness.

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