Vålerenga’s new stadium is named Intility Arena

The technology company Intility has signed a partnership agreement with Vålerenga Fotball which entails that the club’s new stadium will be named Intility Arena. The agreement has a 10-year frame.

The new arena at Valle Hovin is Norway’s third largest sports stadium and, among other things, home for Vålerenga’s A-team men and women.

Intility is a Norwegian technology company headquartered in Oslo.

– We are very pleased to have put in place this agreement. Intility is a company in growth and this is an important investment in our further development, says Andreas Hisdal, CEO of Intility.

– This means a lot for the pride and unity of our own organization. In addition, it gives us an opportunity to become better recognized, both among new employees and customers.

Intility has for several years been involved in supporting Norway Cup at Ekebergsletta and the agreement with Vålerenga is a natural continuation of this commitment.

– Vålerenga has a strategy of collaborating with all the football clubs in Oslo, which has appealed to us very much. The power of Intility revolves around what it’s possible to achieve when people work closely together over time to build and develop one solution. That way, we identify with the dynamics and team culture that football represents. People in Oslo are also not spoiled with access to sports facilities, so contributing to what is now being created at Valle Hovin also makes a lot of sense, says Hisdal.

– From the club’s side, Intility is the ideal partner. First of all, they think long-term – they want to build this with us for the next 10 years. They, like us, have international ambitions, while at the same time concerned with being “born and raised” in Oslo. Intility also operates within a forward-thinking and innovative industry, which can provide new knowledge for how we as a football club can become even more professional and effective in our work, says Erik Espeseth, CEO of Vålerenga Football Elite.

For more information, please contact:
Intility: Andreas Hisdal, CEO, tel. +47 907 28 112
Vålerenga Football Elite: Erik Espeseth, CEO, tel. +47 911 00 219

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