Platform Update

Intility establishes ExpressRoute to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Intility is adding direct network connections to the Microsoft cloud with dedicated, private connectivity to Dynamics 365. All companies on Intility now have dedicated access to the Dynamics 365 portfolio, with a guaranteed SLA on the connections.

ExpressRoute provides redundant and secure network capacity to the entire Dynamics 365 platform, Azure and Office 365. In addition, significant performance advantages are attained for those using applications running in Dynamics 365, rather than using the internet as a carrier.   

Intility is also integrated with Microsoft’s cloud services based on single sign-on, automated license and user administration, access control and security. Hence, it is easier to exploit the opportunities in the cloud when integrations with cloud services are included as a part of each company’s IT environment on Intility. 

Intility is tightly integrated with public cloud services, offering direct lines to a variety of these.

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