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Splunk as a service on the Intility platform

Intility has implemented Splunk Operational Intelligence as a service for all customers on the Intility platform. Splunk is an advanced monitoring and analysis tools that gives companies the ability to obtain detailed insight into log data across devices, applications, web services and networks. Machine-generated data provide companies with detailed insight into everything from user behavior and transactions, to the status of devices within the business. Splunk retrieves, stores and indexes vast data volumes, allowing search and analysis in real-time data. 

By integrating Splunk with the Intility platform, companies get click-based access to the service as an integrated part of their IT environments. Splunk as a service on the Intility platform removes many of the barriers and complexity of implementing and using these kind of integrated Big Data solutions.

Operational Intelligence is a rapid growing discipline within analytics, tying machine data and application logs to business data. Splunk Operational Intelligence yields access to all data gathered by Splunk within the customers dedicated IT environment, accessed through a custom interface. Hence, analysts are enabled to search, visualize data and create advanced dashboards. This leads to possibilities for improved decision making and reduced risk for business leaders, made possible by real time analysis of unstructured data complementing traditional Big Data analysis.

In addition to providing Splunk Operational Intelligence as a service, Intility is using Splunk as a tool in the daily operation of their cloud-based platform solution. Splunk is analyzing log traffic in real time from all customer networks, PC’s, firewalls, IDS/IPS and servers and applications. This is enabling Intility with a completely new type of insight into customer platforms providing a next generation ability to identify and solve complex problems and perform proactive user support to more than 4000 servers, 20 000 users and 1500 locations. 

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